Fine Diners Over 40™ is a members-only dinner club for singles and couples who enjoy dining at highly-rated restaurants and sharing the experience with others. We appreciate food as art, as cultural adventure, as scientific experiment, and best of all—food as an opportunity to take pleasure in the company of others. We invite you to join us for culinary and social adventures in New York and Seattle.

Come for the food, stay for the friends!
Food may be the main attraction at our events, but it is our friendly and interesting members who carry the day. Join us for an evening of fine dining, fun, and stimulating conversation. While enjoying innovative tasting menus by first-rate chefs, we’ll talk movies, theater, pets, sports, travel, and more. Tell us a good joke—we promise to laugh!

The annual membership fee entitles you to attend regularly-scheduled dinners and special events such as wine tastings and cocktail parties; event fees are paid when you reserve. We also welcome businesspeople and tourists to join us at an event that coincides with your stay in town. Non-member guests pay a $15 service fee in addition to the event fee.

Dinner event fees range from $75 to $350 prepaid for a fixed price or tasting menu (including tax, tip, and administrative fees but excluding alcoholic and other beverages). Our average group size is eight; larger groups can be accommodated based on demand and venue. If there is interest, we rotate seats during the dessert course so you get a chance to mingle with guests from the other end of the table.

The tasting menu is our preferred menu format. Tasting menus give talented chefs the chance to craft a dining experience in which each course builds on the previous in a harmonious parade of flavors and gastronomic ingenuity. With a tasting menu, there’s no need to mull over tough choices from a delectable array. Fine Diners Over 40 like to sit back and let the experts do what they do best.

The concept was inspired by our desire to indulge on a regular basis in the infinite array of first-rate culinary adventures on offer in New York—and to do so in the company of new friends who share our delight in all things epicurean. Seven years ago we started out on craigslist with a little apprehension: Dining with strangers? What if the group doesn’t jell? Will they pay this stranger in advance so we don’t get stuck with the bill for a no-show?

Well we were amazed at how effortless it all was: People had no issue paying up front, we ate fabulous, leisurely multi-course meals while enjoying interesting conversation. The conviviality seemed made-to-order nearly every time. We learned that gathering self-described foodies is a natural exercise in community—and you’re invited to join us.

Questions? Email or text or call us at 212-353-1301.